Vulgar Tomfoolery - a not so celebratory Jubliee inspired poster

NEW: 'Vulgar Tomfoolery' Jubilee poster from Bracketpress & Bad Books

This A2 poster(594mm x 420mm) litho printed on 300gsm art paper – sets a quotation by radical nineteenth century designer William Morris against a background of his own wallpaper design. The quote; ‘Hideous, revolting and vulgar tomfoolery. One’s indignation swells pretty much to the bursting point’ was written by the fiercely anti-royal Morris on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s jubilee in 1877. 

A collaboration between Bad Books and Bracketpress, the poster is available for a limited period (hurry up, the Jubilee celebrations are grinding into action) and is perfect as either a neatly-framed statement of intent or tacked up in the front window (to annoy those Royalist neighbours). 

It is available to purchase immediately for a Paypal-clickable £10 (FREE UK P&P) from Bracketpress

We fancy that at the height of the coming media-led frenzy that is Mrs Windsor’s jubilee, an excuse to celebrate her 60-year career as the largest recipient of state handouts in Britain, it would be amiss not to mark the occasion with a display of your position on this glorification of privilege and birthright.

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