idly printing

3-5 colour screenprints this month.
more soon...

last few copies of the Idler 43!

from: the Idler shop


This Crippled Flesh has arrived

Pre-ordered copies are now being sent out,
and there's 3 days left to purchase a copy at the pre-order price.
It's selling a bit quicker than we anticipated... available to buy from Bracketpress.co.uk

Introducing... The Crassical Collection!

the first release in a series of remastered albums by Crass...
[re-]introducing: The Feeding Of The Five Thousand
Available to buy from independent music shops: Piccadilly Records, Rough Trade, Southern Records

I've been assisting Gee Vaucher - the artist, with the layout of the CD packages,
It's been a long time coming....