the Idler's Utopia project

A new project for the next issue of the Idler magazine...the Idler's Utopia,
for anyone with a pencil, some paper and a utopian idea. All ages and interpretations are welcome. Submit an illustration, artwork, photo, sketch, or collage, inspired by your idea of a utopia. Our aim is to collate a few beautiful ideas, ignore the doom and gloom, and to be merry.
For more details please visit the website:   http://idlersutopia.tumblr.com



I've started a new blog for the Idler magazine:   idlerart.tumblr.com
collecting fine things, illustrations, art - hand made and found by Idlers.

Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou!

how quick can a dress be sold out? - 2 minutes!


sewing a thousand heart strings...

new Latin L.O.V.E cards for Valentine's day
You can buy them from Alice's shop
or if you're passing by London way, they are available at the Idler Academy