Au Revoir the Mountains of 2010

Bright things coming out of the blue! / being snowed in for most of December / Bracketpress’ 5th year & an exhibition at MMU / realising we’ve printed and published over 500 Bracketpress items in the last 5 years / finally publishing This Crippled Flesh / getting back to pencil & ink / screen printing at Hot Bed Press / the installation of the Carnaby Street exhibition / working with Judith Clark / superman bookshelves / Computer Arts magazine/ AOI annual and exhibition /reads from Hamish Hamilton and Virago / learning & teaching, teaching and learning… / cottage industries/ HANDS + GRAY + RGB + CMYK / prints and posters / shit happens at Pictures On Walls / Murderme / Alexander McQueen rip/ the Protests… a rebelution / meeting Jo – pamphlet and book sewer at the speed of light, lending us a much needed hand / starry moment after Killing Joke gig / talking atoms and cosmos with Dad /keeping up with the Jonesy / Mum’s boots / quickest days and sunsets in Cyprus / hate planes / ear infections from hammering ipod / good intentions & wishful thinking / falling short… must try harder / saying goodbye to Grandma /finally learning to drive / flowers glowing in the dark / prefer giant trees to green-shoots / badly behaved cancers / riddles /herbs and filth/  …


Christmas Card Artillery + Deadline

The perfectly timed / too-late New Year books have gone into production, under the watchful eye of the Gangmasters at Bracketpress.
And will be fired out to all 'Friends of the Press' very soon...

You can become our 'friend' too by buying anything from Bracketpress. 

Merry Christmas!

A Grimm Outlook at Building

Some illustrations for Building magazine, done last week during the snow-in!

full page & spot illustrations - Heroes & Villains, A Land Far Far Away, The Deadly Rivals, The Fallen & Unhappy Endings...