Anarchists Question Time at the Idler Academy

I'm heading down to the 'Anarchist's Question Time' at the Idler Academy on Wednesday evening...


...it's either going to be a really great laugh or a really awful night of shouting!


NEW: Postcards Box Set in the shop

A series of 10 x A6 postcards, housed in a matchbox style slipcase box.
With artwork, originally illustrated for .Cent magazine.
Full colour, with postcard design on the back.
Edition of 50
now on sale in the shop  http://alices.bigcartel.com


Computer Arts Projects magazine, July issue

my recent illustrations for the Dance Gazette are featured in an article in the forthcoming issue of Computer Arts Projects, discussing the process and development of commercial illustration projects, from both the art director and the illustrator’s perspectives.
I forgot how great a magazine Computer Arts is, some amazing editorial: 'The Beauty of Pen and Ink', '3D illustration', and 'Blend Illustration with Design', including an insightful interview with kate moross, and some amazing work from Leif Podhajsky (who I can't believe I've never come across, my next piece for the new idler looks like a complete rip off of his work, but I swear I've never seen his work before now! eek), also hannah stouffer, izzie klingels, sarah coleman, johanna basford, and sam green (who I commissioned an illustration from, for the next issue of the idler) his work is littered throughout the magazine, he is a bona fide genius! and another studio I've never heard of Bison have done some gorgeous work.

the importance of knowing your wood

If I was to be in London this weekend, I would definetly be going to this...
a lesson in Carpentry at the Idler Academy, and you get to make your own bird box!


.Cent magazine

.Cent magazine are launching their new issue this week, with a small exhibition in London. There will be a selection of prints on show and for sale, one of my past illustrations is included along with works by other illustrators. For more information about the next issue: http://www.centmagazine.co.uk/pages/current.php
I've also produced a limited edition box set of postcards, which will be available at the venue, and on .Cent's website, as well as my own webshop very soon.


New pamphlet from Bracketpress: Women Who Run with Scissors

Alice Smith & Nina McNamara

A visual diatribe of imagery, cut up from the history of women's magazines and their manipulating effect on women.

'Taught from infancy that beauty is woman's sceptre, the mind shapes itself to the body, and roaming round its gilt cage, only seeks to adorn its prison.'
Mary Wollstonecraft

210mm x 145mm, 24 pages, hand sewn.
Risograph printed on Stockwell 160gsm with trace paper fly leaves.
Hahnemühle Bugra Butten 130gsm soft pink cover
and letterpress printed title.

Hand numbered edition of 100

UK £7.50
Europe £8.50
USA/RoW £9.50

Available from:


Notting Hill Editions

No nonsense colour on the shelf.
Notting Hill Editions are a new publisher of essays,
the production on them is exceptional – minimal cover design, 2 colour printing inside, nice paper stock, good typesetting, and interesting content.
First saw the link on Casual Optimist, bought one for us, bought one for a friend, then bought the whole catalogue.

The Final Testament of the Holy Bible

I've been given a signed copy of this bible for my birthday!
[rolls eyes.. then opens the book]
It's a new book by James Frey (who wrote A Million Little Pieces) published by John Murray, designed by Graphic Thought Facility.
Was initially slightly disappointed by the understated design, the odd feeling of the interior, 70s looking typesetting, range left throughout, but chapter by chapter, starting to realise this design so suits this book. Can't figure what typeface it is. Interesting design.

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

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