Memories Book

This week is the launch of the Memories Book...
This beautifully illustrated book looks at the thoughts and experiences of individuals who have survived cancer, as well as those of people who have lost loved ones. Inside the book there is 10 stories, each looking at one person’s memories of a particular day or period of time when struggling against cancer, and each written story has 12 illustrated reponses from artists, designers and illustrator. I was asked to contribute an illustration for a piece titled 'After the Storm'. The project is being launched by Designers Against Human Rights Abuse (DAHRA), Subism, OneTenEleven Media and editor Garrick Webster, and many writers and 144 imagemakers from all over the world contributed to this book.

To order your copy, go to this website: http://subism.co.uk/checkout/books/the-memories-book/ 

The book is priced at £10 + P&P
All proceeds from the sales of Memories goes to the charity Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres


A Good Buy Book

a really good, funny book for peeps interested in advertising, selling stuff and the way this man's brain ticks... 'Rory Sutherland: The Wiki Man' from http://shop.itsnicethat.com/products/rory-sutherland-the-wiki-man

published by the ever-impressive design hands It's Nice That team.



but there are some damn fine amazing works on show...
Gerhard Richter
at the Tate Modern

& John Martin
at the Tate Britain

Where is the massive Gordale Scar painting tho?