The Art Car Boot fair 2012

New prints on the Idler's stand at the Art Car Boot fair tomorrow


Vulgar Tomfoolery - a not so celebratory Jubliee inspired poster

NEW: 'Vulgar Tomfoolery' Jubilee poster from Bracketpress & Bad Books

This A2 poster(594mm x 420mm) litho printed on 300gsm art paper – sets a quotation by radical nineteenth century designer William Morris against a background of his own wallpaper design. The quote; ‘Hideous, revolting and vulgar tomfoolery. One’s indignation swells pretty much to the bursting point’ was written by the fiercely anti-royal Morris on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s jubilee in 1877. 

A collaboration between Bad Books and Bracketpress, the poster is available for a limited period (hurry up, the Jubilee celebrations are grinding into action) and is perfect as either a neatly-framed statement of intent or tacked up in the front window (to annoy those Royalist neighbours). 

It is available to purchase immediately for a Paypal-clickable £10 (FREE UK P&P) from Bracketpress

We fancy that at the height of the coming media-led frenzy that is Mrs Windsor’s jubilee, an excuse to celebrate her 60-year career as the largest recipient of state handouts in Britain, it would be amiss not to mark the occasion with a display of your position on this glorification of privilege and birthright.

coming soon: Idler 45: Utopia issue

Idler 45: the Utopia issue will be available soon, pre-order from the idler shop

This issue is a sumptuously produced collection of essays loosely themed around the idea of utopia. As well as fresh modern contributions, we have republished excerpts from Thomas More's Utopia and William Morris's News From Nowhere. It features a brilliant careers guide talk by Louis Theroux, plus inspiring meditatons from Bill Drummond and Penny Rimbaud. There's also Mark Vernon on Plato, Joe Dunthorne on Occupy, plus John-Paul Flintoff, Ian Bone, David Bramwell, Boff Whalley, Hugh Warwick and Nicholas Lezard. There are beautiful photos and illustrations from Casey Orr, Alice Smith, Mireille Fauchon, Jake Blanchard, Holly Wales, Luke Fenech, Alex Robbins, Mike Redmond. Typeset by Christian Brett of Bracketpress.


for Alice, about Alice, from Alice x

a recently commissioned screen print for a beautiful baby girl called Alice...
depicting the perils of living in Alice's Wonderland.