Ballet for Babies!?

David Jays of the Dance Gazette, asked me to illustrate an article discussing a recent trend for enrolling babies for ballet lessons, partly inspired by the release of the Black Swan film. Here are the illustrations from the spreads, the issue will be published in early June.


Risograph Printing

I've just started getting around to using the risograph printer at Hot Bed Press, taught by the brilliant Sue Shaw ]www.see-kay.co.uk[
It's great for half tone images, making large volumes of prints and zines, very quickly and cheaply. Landfill Editions put out some gorgeous prints most of which are printed by Manymono. The colours can be amazing, although a very limited palette - that I love. Here's what the risograph spat out at me last week...
Over the coming month, we'll be putting together a new pamphlet of illustrations printed on the risograph. The pamphlet will be a series of collages that me and Nina McNamara worked together on, which were originally destined to illustrate an essay in the forthcoming Idler magazine, but we decided to extend on it and make a limited edition pamphlet. To be published next month, more details soon.

a view from the desk...

an illustrated calendar of medieval style husbandry, polyamory, feminist's rants, and ballet for babies... is whats sprawling across my desk this month.

Old and New Pamphlets from Bracketpress

At the moment we're running low on most of the Bracketpress pamphlets, but please be rest assured that they will all be back in stock soon. We've been made aware that some pamphlets have been taken to market on ebay, and have been selling for silly amounts of money, please contact us, we may have the odd spare copies left at more feasible prices!


Wayzgoose at Hot Bed Press

Next weekend Hot Bed Press will be hosting a Wayzgoose as part of the Sights from the Other City Arts Event. The doors will be open on Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May, from 11am until 5pm, free entry, with tables and walls filled with art and beautiful printed things for sale, by artists who print and work at Hot Bed Press, including Bracketpress, we'll be holding a table on both days, all day.