Printed & Published talk @ Hot Bed Press

On Wednesday 13th June, I'll be doing a talk about Publishing, at Hot Bed Press in Salford.
£5 (Hot Bed Press members) & £10 (to non-members)
Please do stop by for a chat or if you have any questions,
there's no need to book, just turn up on the evening.

I'll be giving a brief insight into the workings of a private press and why we decided to set up Bracketpress. And I'll be talking through some of the nitty gritty processes of making a 'book' into a published edition, with regards to both handprinted small editions and large editions of thousands - discussing production alternatives, and the issues of barcodes and distribution. We'll be looking at some of our collaborativly published works, including the Idler magazine, and discussing how working as a private press can open up new opportunities and experiences, and how projects with authors and more mainstream publishers in turn can inspire new projects.

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